Pine Club - Steakhouse Sauce

Pine Club - Steakhouse Sauce - Ohio Snacks

Like everything else from The Pine Club, their Steakhouse Sauce is a favorite in the Dayton area. Use it for basting any meat from pork chops to chicken, or as a dip for your favorite barbeque beef. This versatile sauce also tastes great poured over French fries or onion rings. Don’t take our word for it, order it for your next cookout and anticipate the rave reviews!

A tradition in Dayton since 1947 and considered “One of the Great Steakhouses in the Country. Selected by The Food Network as One of the Top Two Steakhouses in the Nation, The New York Times has included The Pine Club as “One of the World’s 10 Greatest Traditional Dining Establishments”, and USA-Today’s Favorite Steakhouse in the US”. Gourmet, Fortune and Saveur Magazines have all recognized The Pine Club as one of the Nations Great Steakhouses.

To be recognized as a “Great National Steakhouse” and  “A Landmark in Dayton” is testimony to our wonderful customers and an incentive for all of us at The Pine Club to maintain those principles and traditions that the restaurant has observed since 1947.

$ 9.99