Boston Stoker - Breakfast Blend

Boston Stoker - Breakfast Blend

Some mornings, it seems like there just isn’’t enough coffee in the world.  That’s why Breakfast Blend was created.  This full-bodied blend consists of light and dark coffees from Indonesia and Central and South America.  It has a down-to-earth feel with a bright, citrusy kick that’s sure to wake you up and put a pep in your step so you can start your morning right!

The first Boston Stoker location opened in Englewood, OH in 1973, and the business soon expanded to include Fairborn and Centerville. The Deans began to serve gourmet coffee to cigar shop customers as a free service, to entice customers to hang out longer.  The coffee was so popular that Boston Stoker soon began selling beans by the pound.  In 1979, Boston Stoker started roasting coffee at the Fairborn location – in those days, just eleven pounds at a time.

Since then, Boston Stoker has become Dayton’s premiere coffee brand, with a full production schedule and a varied slate of fine coffees that are all carefully selected. We roast more than 150,000 pounds of coffee annually, right here in Dayton, Ohio. Our roasters take care to roast each varietal to its peak flavor, in small batches, and our daily roasting ensures the freshest product possible.

$ 17.99